Abortion Overview

When Does Life Begin?

See Babies in the Womb

Why Do Women Get Abortions?

Your Life in the Womb

Misleading Claims about Abortion

How Much Do You Know About Abortion Quiz

260 Women Surveyed About Their Abortions

Abortion Methods Described

Graphic pictures of aborted babies (click here). Parental consent advised! These pictures are very graphic, but if you're 18 years or older, we recommend you take a look so you can fully understand the impact of abortion. Until you've seen this link, it's hard to understand how horrifying abortion really is. Words alone can be deceiving. Abortion is hard to debate, or even comprehend, until you've seen the reality of what abortion really does to tiny, innocent babies before they are born. That's why you need to see these pictures. Each photo speaks a thousand words about the horrors of abortion. These are not 'blobs of tissue' or 'products of conception.' They are babies -- and their mother's 'choice' ended their lives. If you have the courage to look at these pictures, you'll see the real consequences of abortion and the 'pro-choice' movement. There's no question -- these are babies. How can anyone in their right mind say they are personally opposed to this brutal killing and then stand by and let it happen? As you look at these pictures, realize that you once lived in your mother's womb for nine safe months. Thank goodness your mother didn't abort you, otherwise . . .

Student Reports - here's the ultimate research site on abortion: "The Moral Question of Abortion," a book by Dr. Stephen Schwarz, is one of the best resources ever published on abortion. Dr. Schwarz covers every aspect of abortion and this comprehensive link gives you the entire book with all footnotes and sources. The link begins with a list of the topics covered in each chapter.

Abortion History: An overview of abortion in America along with reviews of the 1973 "Roe vs. Wade" U.S. Supreme Court case and other abortion cases. Includes links on Hitler and abortion and Planned Parenthood's founder Margaret Sanger. Plus, the amazing story of Norma McCorvey's conversion. McCorvey was the 'Jane Roe' of the 'Roe vs. Wade' case that legalized abortion. Now she's joined the prolife movement to speak out against abortion.

Is Abortion the Answer to Rape?

Abortion May Be Legal But It Sure Isn't Safe

"My Twin Brother Was Aborted" - by Sarah Smith

One Couple's Heart-Wrenching Story

Marla's Painful Abortion Death

Healing, Hope and Forgiveness After Abortion

Lisa had two abortions - she knows the pain you're experiencing

Former Abortionists Speak Out

"Secrets of the Abortion Industry." Confessions of former abortionist Carol Everett

Young, Unmarried and Having a Baby

Dr. David Reardon's Survey of 260 women after abortion

The Hippocratic Oath - Dr. Fritz Baumgartner exposes deadly changes recently made to the oath physicians have taken for 2,000 years.

Scripture on Abortion

Ireland's pro-life youth group

Cool "flash" images in the womb!

Pro-Life America's informative site on abortion at www.prolife.com

Glamour's Abortion Survey

When Glamour magazine asked its pro-life readers to send in their thoughts on abortion, 3,000 women responded. Many of the women reported that they were once "pro-choice," and 420 of them indicated they'd had an abortion.

In February, 1994, Glamour reported the results of their survey saying:

"Virtually all of those who'd had abortions in the past said that if they'd only known how much they'd regret having an abortion after the fact, they never would have agreed to the procedure."

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