One Million Couples Want
to Adopt a Baby

TIM AND AMY said, We wish to adopt an infant because we love children very much and cant have a child of our own. We have been very happily married for more than five years and want to provide a child with an extremely loving and supportive environment.
LARRY AND ANDREA said, Weve been happily married since 1986 and have tried for eight years to have children naturally but were unsuccessful. After a time we adopted Ian. He was a dream come true. Now we desire to adopt another child and will provide a loving home where God and family are very important.
STEVE AND TINA said, We both believe that the most important thing in our life is having children to share our love with. We were blessed in 1994 by being chosen to adopt Emily... and we cant wait to do it all again!

    Every year, more than one million couples want to adopt a baby. Yet, there are only about 50,000 babies placed for adoption each year (source: National Council for Adoption). This means that every year 950,000 couples wont be able to adopt a baby to share their love and their lives with. Its very sad for these couples to discover that every year, about 400,000 teenage girls choose to abort their babies. If you have an unplanned pregnancy, please consider placing your child for adoption. Giving your baby to one of these couples will be one of the most generous and precious gifts you can ever give someone.

You can see couples who want to adopt a baby at

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