Babies in the Womb

This remarkable photograph of a tiny, still living preborn baby in his unruptured amniotic sac was taken after surgery for a tubal pregnancy at the University of Minnesota by medical photographer Robert Wolfe in 1972. This picture demonstrates the remarkable early development of a preborn baby at only six weeks after conception.
“Eleven years ago, while giving an anesthetic for a ruptured ectopic pregnancy (at eight weeks’ gestation), I was handed what I believe was the smallest living human ever seen.

    The embryonic sac was intact and transparent. Within the sac was a tiny human male swimming extremely vigorously in the amniotic fluid, while attached to the wall by the umbilical cord. This tiny human was perfectly developed, with long, tapering fingers, feet and toes. It was almost transparent, as regards the skin, and the delicate arteries and veins were prominent to the ends of the fingers. “The baby was extremely alive and swam about the sac approximately one time per second, with a natural swimmer’s stroke.

    This tiny human did not look at all like the photos and drawings and models of ‘embryos’ which I had seen, nor did it look like a few embryos I have been able to observe since then, obviously because this one was alive! “When the sac was opened, the tiny human immediately lost his life and took on the appearance of what is accepted as the  appearance of an embryo at this stage of life (with blunt extremities etc.).” Statement by Paul E. Rockwell, M.D., anesthesiologist, as quoted by Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Wilke in Handbook on Abortion.

Baby at eight weeks.

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