Celebrity Quotes on Abortion
Although Madonna doesn’t agree with us on abortion, she did recognize the beauty of a new child in her womb – a daughter whom she named Lourdes. 
“I was stunned when I saw on the ultrasound a tiny, living creature spinning around in my womb.  Tap-dancing, I think. Waving its tiny arms around and trying to suck its thumb. I could have sworn I heard it laughing.” 
Source: WorldMagazine, December 1996
While appearing on the TV show “Politically Incorrect,” Kathy Ireland participated in a debate about abortion “rights” and whether Florida should approve “Choose Life” license plates. Now against abortion, Kathy defended babies in the womb by saying:
“I was once pro-choice and the thing that changed my mind was, I read my husband’s biology books, medical books, and what I learned. . . At the moment of conception, a life starts. And this life has its own unique set of DNA, which contains a blueprint for the whole genetic makeup. The sex is determined. We know there’s a life because
it’s growing and changing.”
1995 Miss Black California
“If you’re pregnant, don’t compound the problem by seeking an abortion. Getting an abortion doesn’t solve anything. You are much better off in that situation to put the baby up for adoption because you might be able to help a couple that can’t have children.”
Lakita is a talented singer, dancer and motivational speaker. In 1998, Lakita was invited to speak to Congress about the high cost of the "sexual revolution" and why she's saving sex for marriage. Click here to read Lakita's amazing speech.
This glamorous French model, whose clients have included top names such as L’Oreal and Air France, is an active member of the French human rights group Le Treve de Dieu (God’s Reprieve). Noelia found that models she knew were frequently pressured by their agencies to have abortions and she was appalled by it. “Modeling uses women as objects. I was surrounded by other models having abortions and became disgusted by it. I have used my body and my face to sell products. Now I am using them to protect unborn children against the consumer society that chucks away babies it does not want.”
“Too many people use abortion as a form of birth control. And that’s very wrong. I  could never, ever have an abortion.”
Source: RedbookMagazine, 8/91
Ben Folds
Did you hear "Brick" by Ben Folds Five? "Yeah, I'm kind of surprised it's on the radio." That's what Ben Folds said when his hit song, "Brick", raced up the charts. Why? Because the song's about abortion. But Ben says it's about more than that. He says it's about his own personal experience. "It's the story of my senior year of high school, basically. More so, it's about the fact that it happens and there are emotional byproducts. There's a reason why it's a big political issue - because it damages lives."
Source: Ben Folds in a CMJ New Music interview with David Daley
Kathy Troccoli

See Kathy Troccoli's award-winning music video, A Baby's Prayer

Kathy Troccoli has sung on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, toured with pop superstar Amy Grant and been a guest host on VH1 . . .but the most important thing she believes she's ever done is write the song "A Baby's Prayer," a song about abortion from an unborn child's point of view.

Kathy says, "I received a version of this song several years ago and prayed that God would allow me to express the sacredness of life through the lyrics. What better way to express it though the heart of a baby - a baby's prayer."  The song begins . . .

I can hear her talking with a friend
I think it's all about me
Oh how she can't have a baby now
My mommy doesn't see

That I feel her breath
I know her voice
Her blood it flows though my heart
God you know my greatest wish is that
We'd never get apart

     Kathy's songs have been nominated for two Grammy's, but "A Baby's Prayer" won the 1998 GMA Dove Award for Inspirational Song of The Year. That's because Kathy inspires great hope for women hurting after abortion.

"There have been other songs about abortion, but I wanted to emphasize God's mercy and forgiveness for those involved in the tragedy of abortion," Kathy said. Frequently, women are not able to forgive themselves after an abortion. If you are one of those women, know that God will forgive any sin for which you repent, including the sin of abortion.

     Unfortunately, many women presume on God's mercy and abort their children anyway. Although God will forgive the sin of abortion, Kathy warns that remorse and heartache will inevitably follow, "Abortion always has victims. I know that from working in a crisis pregnancy center. If you have an abortion or encourage someone else to have an abortion, one day you'll regret it."

     "A Baby's Prayer" had a very unique begging: "My co-writer, Scott Brasher, wrote the music when he was watching a documentary on public television about "Children of The Holocaust," Kathy said. "Just like those innocent children who were sent to death by Nazis in World War II, abortion has sent millions of innocent children to death in our time."

     Kathy strongly advocates saving sex for marriage.

     Kathy also believes that dressing modestly will help you stay pure. Dressing modestly means not wearing suggestive or revealing clothes that might tempt others to lustful thoughts. Not only are sexual thoughts impure, but they can do and lead to pre-marital sex and unplanned pregnancies which are often aborted.

     "Virtue and modesty are very important. They can help you prevent becoming one of the victims of the tragedy of abortion, which has touched over 20 percent of the women of America," Kathy said. "...sexual abstinence (before marriage) is God's best way for you, regardless of your age."
Grammy Winner Rebecca St. James says "True Love Waits"

Kathy Ireland says
''I used to
be pro-choice.''

Miss Black California, Lakita Garth. Read her powerful speech to Congress. She asked Congress to help teens save sex for marriage.

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