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Will your relationship bring you true love and lifelong happiness?

Learn the secrets of success in today's dating jungle!

Dear Friend,

    Hi! Have you found TRUE LOVE? Have you met the right person? Want to find an awesome, lifelong marriage partner – and avoid the emotional and medical nightmares that so many young lovers fall into today?

    You can boost your chances of reaching those dreams tremendously if you read this web site filled with valuable tips on dating, sex, love and life.

    When Hollywood movies, TV, magazines, pop music and friends say, “Just have sex and don’t worry about the  consequences,” should we listen to them? We’ve all seen where that kind of gambling gets people: More pain than a skydiver without a parachute.

    If you’re in a relationship now, or you hope to be in one soon, you’re going to love the real-world tips, insights and advice you’ll find in this web site. They’ll help you make the right decisions when you face questions like:

  • Is he MR. RIGHT? Is she THE ONE?
  • Should we keep dating?
  • Should we get married?
  • Should we start having sex?
  • Are condoms safe?
  • Will the Pill harm my health?
  • Should I save sex for marriage? How?
  • What if I become pregnant?
  • What’s abortion like? For me? For my baby?
    Answering these questions will be much easier for you once you’ve read this web site. That’s because we’ve included “the cream” of lifetimes of research by 29 experts on love, life and marriage.

    You’ll also find fascinating personal stories from people who’ve learned from their mistakes, stopped their destructive behavior and now live happy lives. Their courage and hard-won wisdom will help you do what’s right.

    I hope you’ll read this web site and join the new millennium’s “Save Sex” revolution. Lots of young people get into sex to try to be cool or “in,” but more and more young people are saving sex for marriage. It’s okay not to follow the pack! Just read what superstar celebrities say in this paper: they don’t worry about what others think.

    So if you want to find the love of your life, start getting ready today. It’s only by making good decisions that you can have a clear conscience and be happy and confident. Best of all, you’ll start experiencing the long-lasting, genuine peace and joy that TRUE LOVE brings.

    If you want to enjoy a great relationship and be truly happy and free... if you want to protect your physical and emotional health. . . you need to learn the secrets of making smart decisions about dating, sex, love and life. Keep reading. You’ll discover how saving sex for marriage will help you find happiness and avoid heartaches and diseases that nobody needs.

    And let us know what you think! You can post a message on our bulletin boards. Thank you!

        For your happiness and health,

        J. T. Finn


J.T.Finn Editor-in-Chief

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