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Amazing new publication - - immunizes students against Planned Parenthood's sex propaganda - and can save hundreds of babies from abortion before Easter . . .

Would you like to see this life-saving, 28-page newspaper put into the hands of millions of college students this year? We're ready to make it happen, but we need your help.

'Sexual sins and abortions will ruin the lives of countless students unless we reach them right away with our life-changing message,' warns Fr. Frank Pavone

An urgent appeal from Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life and National Advisor to Pro-Life America and . . .

Dear Friend,

I'm sure you'll agree with me that the solution to abortion is self-control, not "birth control."

That's why we're launching an effective new project that helps young people resist pressures to "have sex."

You see, college students all across America have returned to campuses for the fall semester. That means countless girls are being pressured by their "boyfriends" right now to "prove their love" by "going all the way."

Sadly, many girls will give in to this unrelenting pressure over the next few weeks. This will result in a horrifying number of student abortions around the time you and I celebrate Easter.

It's sickening, but it's no surprise.

Students bombarded with sexual temptations

Students are saturated with all kinds of sleazy and unwholesome messages about sex. They read them in Planned Parenthood brochures and radical feminist pamphlets.

But that's not all. Students are also influenced by the raunchy "free sex" messages they hear in today's rock "music." And you can imagine how a steady diet of sex-filled TV shows and Hollywood movies affects hormone-charged young people.

The truth is, college students face an astounding number of sexual temptations literally 'round the clock.

Consider this. Most college kids go to school away from home and live without the positive influence of parents and their home parish, church or youth group.

Many live in co-ed dorms!

The young men see immodestly dressed girls everywhere. Most student bookstores sell pornographic magazines. Dorms and apartments are often well stocked with porn videos and X-rated pinups. Every student has a computer today, and Internet porn is just a few "clicks" away.

But that's not all. Promiscuous kids constantly try to drag down students who haven't yet been corrupted by the sin of fornication. The so-called "health centers" practically throw birth control devices at students. Then there are all the parties, with free-flowing booze and drugs.

Furthermore, today's teen "role models" are setting the worst possible example by their shameless public promiscuity and militant abortion advocacy.

Believe me, it's almost a miracle when a student makes it through four years of college without losing his or her virginity.

Just think of all the lives that will be ruined and the unborn babies who will be slaughtered unless we take action right away to prevent it.

In good conscience, I can't stand by idly and watch all these lives and souls go down the drain without doing something about it. Because you care about chastity and respect for life and young people's souls, I don't think you can either. That's why I'm appealing for your help to boldly launch an effective new project.

How to immunize students from sex propaganda

At last, we have a super-powerful new 28-page, full-color newspaper that will immunize students from Planned Parenthood's sex propaganda.

The title of this unique newspaper, a publication of Pro-Life America, is It features testimonials by celebrities who speak out in favor of chastity and respect for life - celebrities such as Mel Gibson... Supermodels Kathy Ireland and Kim Alexis... Former Los Angeles Laker A.C. Green... Former Los Angeles Dodger Brett Butler... and Grammy Award-winning singer Rebecca St. James.

I'm so impressed with that I agreed to serve as National Advisor to its creator and publisher, Pro-Life America, an effective group that I've known and respected for years.

I wish you were in my office with me right now, dear friend, so I could show you this exciting new publication!

First, I guarantee you'll be impressed by the publication's "eye appeal." Nothing like this has ever been created before. It looks as professional as the magazines at the checkout counter in the student bookstore but without the sleazy, provocative pictures.

The cover features a striking close-up of supermodel Kim Alexis with the caption: "Find out why supermodel Kim Alexis says, 'Say NO to sex before marriage.'" This is exactly the message students everywhere need to hear right now. . .and the exciting news is that we can put right into student's hands because hundreds of college newspapers accept paid advertising inserts - even pro-life, pro-chastity inserts like ours!

'It's one of the most amazing life-saving tool I've ever seen'

What's unique about this new paper is that it covers the pro-chastity and pro-life subjects from A to Z. It's one of the most amazing and comprehensive pro-life tool I've ever seen. Yet it's written and presented in a way that's understandable and appealing to the very people most at risk for illicit sex and abortion. The message is rock solid, but presented with sizzle.

That's why I believe with all my heart that every student in America needs to get a copy of this new paper right away - as quickly as possible.

Just visualize thousands of copies of this powerful, persuasive newspaper being placed right into the hands of college students - both men and women. I believe God will use this new tool to save countless kids from indulging in casual sex while on dates, going on the Pill, and heading for the abortion mill. It will give the students persuasive reasons to be modest and chaste - reasons they may never hear anywhere else.

I guarantee that this project will save countless babies from abortion, if only we can get these powerful papers into the students' hands.

Students who are already chaste will get the facts and encouragement they need to stay chaste. And those who've already discarded their virginity will get the encouragement they need to start over and commit themselves to chastity.

How much is a baby's life worth? You can't put a price on it. How much is it worth to help save a young person's soul? That, too, is beyond price.

That's why I'm praying that you'll dig deep and send a generous tax-deductible gift to help make this urgent project succeed.

The Bible says that Jesus will reward you just for giving one of His little ones a cup of water. Think how much He'll repay you when you help save babies' lives and students' souls!

Attention girls: How to handle an aggressive boyfriend

Picture a 19-year-old girl whose boyfriend is really putting on the pressure for sex. No doubt he's using one of several standard come-on lines. The girl needs answers she can give him, and the newspaper supplies her with great comebacks to the most common lines.

For example, he says, "I'll stop whenever you say." The reply: "How about right now?" Or "Everybody's doing it." The reply: "Then you shouldn't have any trouble finding somebody else." lists many other "come-on" lines and gives girls effective replies.

The newspaper will give girls the courage to tell a steamed-up boy who gets "fresh" to take a hike. But this amazing new publication isn't just for girls. Any boy who wants to become a successful man needs to form the habit of sexual self-control. He needs to practice chastity before marriage and within marriage. is a gold mine of testimonies from young men and women who've decided to save sex for marriage.

For example, 20-year-old Eddie Reay of California says, "I'm a virgin, and I've found that not having sex is one of the smartest things I've done in life. When you prove to yourself that you can control one of the greatest feelings on earth within you, you'll find that all other tasks in life become easier." Every student needs to hear that message.

Why illicit sex is like quicksand for kids

Teens will be startled when they read the powerful article "SEX Is Awesome! Unless you are…" That's because it exposes the hidden dangers of illicit sex. Like quicksand, these dangers are hidden. Thanks to years of Planned Parenthood propaganda and the "just do it" messages of our pop culture, young people usually don't see the dangers until it's too late. explains to young people how promiscuity, porn, masturbation, sexual harassment, and other sexual abuses poison good character.

As a priest, I've heard thousands of confessions. Of course, I can't tell you any of the sins revealed to me under the seal of confession, but I can tell you this: Guilt can make a person's life a living hell. That's why the new paper tells students who've chosen illicit sex or abortion how to turn to God for forgiveness. It shows them how they can vanquish their guilt and start over with a clean slate.

I have a sense of urgency about distributing this eye-opening new publication on campuses from coast to coast. That's because it can totally change the lives of students who read it. It can save thousands of girls and boys from making costly, life-long mistakes. It can save thousands of precious babies from abortion.

I apologize to you for bringing up the subject of condoms, but I'm impressed with how explains that condoms provide little or no "protection" from VD. About the only thing a condom provides is a false sense of security. Those who rely on condoms can expect unplanned pregnancy or disease, or both. Young people need to understand that using condoms is as dangerous as playing Russian roulette.

Students need to learn that "safe, legal" abortions kill women

I'm also impressed with the amazingly complete treatment of abortion in Here's what it covers:

-- Pictures of unborn babies developing in the womb

-- The methods of abortion, including the barbaric partial-birth abortion

-- The abortion-causing properties of the Pill. Most college kids have no idea that the Pill causes early, unnoticed abortions.

-- Heart-wrenching testimonies from women who've had abortions

-- How abortion wounds women for life - mentally and often physically

-- The true story of a rape victim who became pregnant and chose life

-- True stories of pregnant mothers who died from "safe, legal" abortion, including a 32-year-old mother who bled to death

-- Shocking confessions by ex-abortionists who expose how sleazy the abortion industry is

-- Positive alternatives to abortion, including adoption, with 800 numbers to call for help

-- Why abortion is never the answer - even in cases of rape and incest

-- How to find healing and forgiveness after abortion

One of the most heartbreaking stories is "How Men Feel After Abortion" by Steve Arterburn. It took heroic courage for Steve to write this. He reveals that his guilt over paying an abortionist to kill his own child "resulted in 80 ulcers eating at my stomach, intestines, and colon." The Lord healed him physically and spiritually after he repented.

Does your Alma Mater need

Flooding our colleges with this groundbreaking publication will do even more good than I've told you so far. Imagine the good it would do if your Alma Mater were saturated with . . .

It addition to saving many moms and babies from abortion, it will also save young people from suicide (a study by Dr. Clayton Barbeau showed that fornication is a major cause of teen self-hatred)... save girls from abortion-caused breast cancer... save girls from becoming sterile through VD or abortion... influence thousands of professors and administrators (they'll pick up copies, too)... lead many kids to become pro-life activists... persuade pre-med and pre-nursing students to shun abortion... lead students to Christ... and much more.

Our goal is to give three million college students a copy of this incredibly effective, life-changing, baby-saving tool right away.

It will cost about $1 million, or approximately 35 cents per student reached. I know that's a large sum, but I'm confident we can raise the entire amount, and I'm praying the funds will come in quickly.

That's why we're depending on people like you to help us launch this amazing new publication. We have no one else to turn to. We need your help to meet the moral crisis at hand right now to save countless students and babies from the abortionists by Easter Sunday and beyond.

Your sacrifice is needed now!

Could you make a heroic sacrifice of $7,000 to enable us to blanket a large campus such as Arizona State or UC Berkeley? It would allow us to insert 20,000 newspapers into one of these campus newspapers?

I'm confident that your tax-deductible gift in this amount will save many, many babies from abortion. It'll also give many girls the courage they need to keep their virginity - and encourage many boys as well to stay chaste, too. It'll help bring much healing and happiness to troubled young hearts.

If $7,000 isn't within your reach, could you consider making a gift of $3,500? That's what it would cost to blanket a medium-sized campus such as Duke or Southern Illinois with 10,000 copies of Your gift would do so much good.

Or, your gift of $1,750 would enable us to reach 5,000 students with our hard-hitting publication on a smaller campus such as Harvard or Loyola. Would it be possible for you to sacrifice that amount?

Whatever you send, please send something. We'll be grateful beyond words for a gift in any amount - whether it's a major gift or a widow's mite. Besides the larger amounts, we need many, many smaller gifts. They'll be like little streams that join together to make a mighty river.

Here's what you can accomplish with your gift. A gift of $1,000 will enable us to reach 2,857 students with our 28-page publication; $500 will reach 1,428 students; $100 will reach 285 students; $75 will reach 214 students; $50 will reach 142 students; and $35 will reach 100 students.

Please send whatever you can sacrifice and please join me in praying for the success of this wonderful new project.

I want to send you a FREE copy of as my thank-you for your financial support. All you have to do to receive a copy is check the box on the reply coupon. You may have a friend or loved one who could really benefit from it.

Please make your tax-deductible gift payable to Pro-Life America. And thank you for being the best friend that many young people and their babies will ever have.

Yours for Life,

Fr. Frank Pavone
Director of Priests for Life
National Advisor to Pro-Life America

P.S. As a Catholic priest, I can't tolerate Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion, radical feminists brainwashing so many college students and killing so many unborn children. That's why I have such a sense of urgency about this exciting new project. Please send your tax-deductible gift immediately! Making a generous gift will give you the deep satisfaction of knowing you did your part. Please don't put it off. Please do it now. Thank you and may God reward you richly!

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Reply coupon to help Fr. Pavone distribute (Please print and mail with your donation to Pro-Life America)

Students need help NOW!

YES, Fr. Pavone, I'll help you put this new, life-saving, groundbreaking newspaper,, into the hands of as many students as possible immediately. I want to help you persuade thousands of young people to be chaste and to help you save hundreds more babies from abortion by Easter.

Enclosed is my tax-deductible gift, made out to Pro-Life America:

___$7,000 (reaches 20,000 students)
___$5,000 (reaches 14,285 students)
___$3,500 (reaches 10,000 students)
___$2,500 (reaches 7,142 students)
___$1,000 (reaches 2,857 students)
___$500 (reaches 1,428 students)
___$250 (reaches 714 students)
___$100 (reaches 285 students)
___$75 (reaches 214 students)
___$50 (reaches 142 students)
___$35 (reaches 100 students)
$_____ other

___Please send me a FREE copy of as a thank-you gift for my contribution.


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Please try to saturate my alma mater with

My alma mater is______________________________

Clip and mail to:

Pro-Life America
Attn: LoveMatters Student Project
1840 South Elena Avenue, Suite 103
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Phone: 424-247-7490

Students inspired by

"The celebrities, the role models and the statistics make me want to save sex for marriage."
-- Bill, 20

"I was surprised about A.C. Green. You know he's a basketball star and has women throwing themselves at him and he's still managing to fight all those temptations. He faces so much more temptation than I do and if he can do it, then of course I can do it."
-- Michael, 19

"I liked the sexy fashions article (encouraging modesty). I think a lot of girls at our church should read that."
-- Gina, 18

"These are points that kids need to be reminded about over and over and over again. If this paper can reach one person and make a difference in their life, it's worth it."
-- Heather, 20

"A lot of women get abortions because they feel the baby is not a person, but when you see the pictures you realize you have a life in you…I don't know how you could make this better."
-- Katrina, 18

Experts recommend

"This publication will work miracles in young peoples' lives. Every college student
needs a copy of"
-- Nora O'Callaghan, Director, Respect Life Office, Archdiocese of Chicago

" is absolutely awesome -- well-written and very comprehensive -- a masterpiece!"
-- Barbara McGuigan, world-renowned chastity educator

"I'm so impressed with that I agreed to serve as National Advisor to its creator and publisher, Pro-Life America, an effective group that I've known and respected for years. I wish you were in my office with me right now, dear friend, so I could show you this exciting new publication!"
-- Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

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