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Focus on the Family
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Passion of Christ (Mel Gibson's movie)
Porn addicts find help
Pro-Life ObGyns
Real Men (tips & resources)
Sexual Addiction Helplines
Spanish site
True Love Waits - Campus Groups
World Youth Day events
Catholic Youth: Exciting Programs, Events, Training
Your Wedding Day

Abortion - Facts & Information

Abortion Facts
American Life League
Elliot Institute (post-abortion info)
Feminists for Life
Genocide Awareness Project
Hope After Abortion
Human Life International
LifeAction Advocates
Life Dynamics
National Right to Life Committee
Overpopulation Myths
Priests for Life
Pro-Life Action League
Pro-Life America
The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource
Unborn Jesus site & devotions
Vida Humana Internacional

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Adoption Information - Free video
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Pregnancy Help Centers

Inspiring Music

Hip-Hop Music
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Rebecca St. James
Rock for Life
WOW Music
Grammy Winner Rebecca St. James says "True Love Waits"

Kathy Ireland says
''I used to
be pro-choice.''

Miss Black California, Lakita Garth. Read her powerful speech to Congress. She asked Congress to help teens save sex for marriage.

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