Diana Ronald-Szabo's Letters to the Editor

Brooklyn Tablet, NY, Saturday, August 8, 1959

Blames Women for Low Moral Standards in U.S.A.

Dear Sir:

This correspondent wholeheartedly agrees with Rita Durcan (July 25) that women wearing immodest attire should be banned from entering our churches. How women can have the nerve to enter a church in such attire is beyond my sense of comprehension. Like Miss Durcan, I too actually feel ill and have a strong feeling of sadness at the immodesties exhibited by our women.

Even after priests give sermons against this degrading exhibitionism, many women defiantly persist in this custom. Our priests do not give sermons simply because they like to hear themselves talk. It is because they are keenly aware of the grave offense which is being committed. Since they have dedicated themselves to the protection of the sacredness of the church and to the salvation of souls, certainly they cannot be blamed for denouncing certain contrary actions and dress. They would only be acting in their capacity as priests if they banned improperly attired women. When women disregard their sermons they leave our priests no other alternative.

There is something sadly lacking in a woman when she can no longer feel a sense of shame in immodest dress, immodest talk, etc., etc. There is something wrong when she allows her good judgment to be influenced by pagan customs. There is something terribly wrong with women when members of the masculine gender are forced to remind women (who are supposed to be molded from finer clay) to be modest. There is something radically wrong when our men can no longer look up to women as models of refinement and decency.

When a nation is immersed in obscene literature, obscene plays and movies, that is an indication that the women of that nation have failed as leaders in the field of morality. Yes, it is the women who are mainly responsible for the moral decay of this nation and, unless they cast aside their immodesties and unite against the forces of corruption, this Country will be so weakened by sensationalism that it will play right into the hands of the subversive forces infiltrating this Country!

Mrs. Diana Ronald-Szabo, Pound Ridge, N.Y


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