Diana Ronald-Szabo's Letters to the Editor

New York Times, Sunday, Sept. 9, 1973

Movie Mailbag

Decent Americans Hail Supreme Court Ruling


Your symposium concerning the new Supreme Court ruling on obscenity (Aug. 5) [Miller v. California] is a fine example of unbalanced reporting.

How about an article devoted to the millions of decent Americans who are hailing the ruling as a step toward rebuilding the moral fiber of our country?

In this war between good and evil, we must learn to recognize who our enemies are and what weapons they use. Key words and phrases such as "censorship," "freedom of speech," "art," "vigilantes," "puritans," "book burners" and "blue noses," are being used as weapons by those forces which are out to destroy every last vestige of decency and good taste, thus bringing about the moral destruction of our nation.

Motion-picture producers, writers and artists with high moral standards do not fear the new decision, simply because they would never stoop to the depths of degeneracy. It is only those who are morally deficient who fear the decision. They feel restricted within the framework of decency because the evil inclinations within them have overpowered the good. If they would recognize the fact that God gave them the power to reach greater heights in their thinking and actions so that mankind could be elevated rather than degraded, the turmoil within them would subside and they would find reconciliation within that framework which they now find so confining.

A careful study of the Preamble to the Constitution would reveal to them that it is inconceivable that our forefathers, being fully aware that it was internal moral decay which caused the collapse of nations, would advocate freedom as a vehicle for the filth, vice and corruption which would lead our country to a similar fate.

Pornography does not help to form a more perfect union, nor does it help to promote the general welfare -- simply because it appeals to the lower, animalistic instincts in man. To cater to such instincts is not "freedom," it is sheer slavery, because man becomes a slave to his passions and impulses, rather than their master. When man becomes a slave unto himself he loses the proper perspective and control, thus losing the very values which go into the making of a civilization.

Diana Ronald-Szabo, N.Y. Diocesan Chairman, Women for Decency, Catholic Daughters of America

Pound Ridge, N.Y.


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