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Note from LoveMatters.com: The Equal Rights Amendment had a nice-sounding title, but it was defeated for being an anti-family, anti-life stealth maneuver.

April 27, 1975

FORUM: The ERA (Equal Rights Amendment)

Dear Editor:

In their efforts toward the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment the women liberationists stress equal pay for equal work, while completely ignoring the fact that we already have a law to this effect in the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972.

The ERA is so broad in scope that it will lead to damaging effects. For example, in Ohio the Supreme Court ruled that it is illegal for employers to maintain separate washrooms for men and women. In Tennessee a woman was put in a cell with a man while awaiting a civil case. The judge gave the man a three-month sentence for attempted rape as a result. Women would lose their legal right to be supported by their husbands. Women would be subject to the draft and combat duty equally with men.

There was a time when woman's lot on earth was simply unbearable. She was treated as a slave and as a brainless, secondary creature. She was considered in the eyes of some as a "necessary evil" - a mere object.

However, about 2,000 years ago her lot changed considerably. She won a higher and special place in the estimation of men whose protective instinct rose to the surface. They became idealistic and respectful toward her.

It was this very respect and protective instinct which caused them to enact laws which would protect women from abuse and hard physical labor. It was this high ideal of womanhood which recently prompted Assemblyman Gerald Solomon to make the statement that he wanted to keep women on a pedestal. The notion that these laws are discriminatory rather than protective is absolutely absurd.

The real culprits in the discrimination against women are the men who are turning out pornographic films, books, girlie magazines and certain forms of advertising. Through these channels woman is being stripped of her dignity, her privacy, and her self-respect. She is a tool for dirty humor. She is a pawn in the hands of the degenerates around her. She is constantly being put on display in various stages of undress as bait before the public eye. Money is being made through this blatant display of her body. The publisher of a decadent "girlie" magazine even admitted this in an article.

If the women libbers are truly concerned about the status of women, let them work toward the enforcement of the existing obscenity laws.

Diana Ronald-Szabo

Pound Ridge, N.Y.


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