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To the Editor:

Frank Kennedy's letter (Oct. 25) in which he states that "not enough attention is given to the decay of morality and the breakdown of law and order in the U.S." struck a responsive chord.

Taking this a step further, this can also be applied to the lack of attention this most pressing problem is being given in the pulpit. This is rather ironic because the decay around us is destroying the very teachings which the Church is supposed to be defending. Yet there is a strange and very frightening silence on the part of our clergy concerning filthy movies, books, plays, TV shows, etc.

It is partly because of this silence that the forces of evil are so successful. There is no real challenge from the Church. There is only a weak, sporadic effort here and there which amounts to nothing. What is needed is a strong, united and continuous effort. It must be continuous, otherwise it will die down, as sporadic efforts usually do. Bland sermons do not inspire Christian action. They succeed only in inspiring the desire to fall asleep.

Silence is not always golden -- sometimes it is just plain yellow, and by being yellow, in this case, we are giving the green light to those forces which are driving us down the road to another Sodom and Gomorrah.

Why is it that Christians who are supposedly imbued with the love of Our Lord can remain in a state of inertia while chaos reigns all around us; while those forces which are imbued with a hatred for things moral can have that zeal and that persistency to force their immorality on our society with impunity?

We must get together and wage a war that St. Michael will be proud of. Let's run the pornographers and the immoralists out of business and let's stop shaking in our boots at their opposition, for are we not God's soldiers?

Diana Ronald-Szabo

Pound Ridge, N.Y.


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