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TESTIMONY - Submitted to the City Council, City Hall, NYC, concerning the Gay Rights Bill, by NY-Conn. AMERICANS FOR MORALITY, P.O. Box 48, Stamford, Ct. 06906 February, 1986

We wish to express our deep concern over the upcoming vote on the Gay Rights Bill, which if passed, will be nothing but a vehicle for a perverted life style and a sad commentary on the moral character of the City Council.

A vote for this bill will further incur cynicism and disappointment among those of us who are already losing respect for those in leading positions.

We would like to believe that if all the members were truly aware of the depths of perversion they could not, in all conscience, inflict this abomination on our society, however harmless the wording may seem on the surface, by voting for this legislation.

We have been watching with disbelief and pain our cherished moral values come tumbling down all around us as the homosexuals keep trying to force moral depravity on our society, destroying the normal family lifestyle and traditional moral values on which this country was founded. Moral depravity is not the legacy which we want to leave our future generation.

The separation of legality from morality is one of the reasons why we are faced with a moral crisis today. There are many areas in life which, while they can be made legally correct, nevertheless are morally wrong. We must adopt laws and ordinances which would make that which is legally correct conform with that which is morally correct. Since homosexuality is morally wrong, it must not be made legally correct. Homosexuality is not a civil rights issue. It is a moral issue. Homosexuality is the misuse of the natural use of sexuality; therefore it is an abnormality.

The constant use of "civil rights", "sexual orientation", "sexual preference", and "alternative lifestyle" in defense of this desecration of human sexuality is a psychological ploy to break down resistance and to condition the American public to the immorality which is being peddled in an effort to make it more palatable.

We urge the council members not to fall for this strategy. Please listen to the voices of those decent citizens who are struggling to keep this country from the moral decay which history has proven can cause the collapse of a nation.

Vote for morality by voting against this legislation which can only bring untold misery, tragedy, and chaos to the normal American family which is the backbone of this great country of ours!

Diana Ronald-Szabo, Americans for Morality


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