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The Mountaineer, Waynesville, NC, May 24, 1989

Forum: Consent bill helps parents perform natural function

To the editor:

Once again the Parental Consent Bill is being blocked. It is now locked up in the Senate Judiciary Committee, preventing it from coming to a vote in the Senate (after having passed the House).

It seems rather strange that a young girl must have the consent of a parent to have her ears pierced or to receive an aspirin in school, but yet can obtain a serious surgical procedure, such as an abortion, without parental consent.

We have enough attacks on the family today, and what this is doing is pitting the minor against the parents, causing further deterioration of the family relationship -- with the sanction of the state.

The minor is encouraged to indulge in premarital relations without accepting the consequences, and in defiance of parental authority.

Many parents are suffering untold heartaches in their efforts to combat the destructive forces which are detrimental to the moral and spiritual welfare of their children -- and they don't need the state to add to those heartaches.

The natural function of parents is to guide, to prepare their children for their journey through life. By refusing to get this law passed, their natural function is being interfered with, their authority is being underminded, and their parental civil rights are being violated.

This is a call to all the clergymen and their congregations to write to Sen. Robert Swain, chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee, Legislative Building, Raleigh, NC 27611, urging him to get the Parental Consent Bill out of committee. We must not let it die again!

Diana Ronald-Szabo



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