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Monday, Nov. 3, 1993

Pornography and its harm can be eliminated

By Diana Ronald-Szabo

Guest Columnist

This is Pornography Awareness Week, sponsored by Morality in Media of New York. Thirty years ago I was chairman of its greater New York Committee.

Despite two presidential commissions on obscenity and pornography, initiated by Presidents Johnson and Reagan (I submitted testimonies, one of them to the Hill-Link Minority Report), pornography is still flourishing in our country today and, unfortunately not enough people are aware of its devastating effects.

Pornography is a gigantic octopus spreading its feelers into every area of our culture, slowly destroying this nation's moral fiber. The constant appeal to the flesh to which pornography is devoted poses a danger far greater than meets the eye, because it feeds a most potent human force causing the erosion of those inhibitions which act as control valves in human behavior. Without control valves this force gets out of hand, goes berserk, and restraint becomes virtually impossible.

Who can measure the hurt when we hear reports of depraved men and boys who rape and murder women who are old enough to be their mothers and grandmothers? Who can measure the hurt when innocent little children are kidnapped for the purposes of pornography, are abused, raped and murdered?

For far too long pornography has been protected by a very powerful network which has manipulated the First Amendment so that its misinterpretation has been incorporated into the thinking process of far too many gullible Americans who honestly believe the lie that the amendment was designed to protect pornography and other forms of lawlessness.

The fact that in 1973 the Supreme Court confirmed that the amendment does not protect obscenity (Morality in Media was instrumental in bringing this about), is being completely ignored. This misinterpretation has succesfully provided a stumbling block in efforts to curb this blight on our society, thus resulting in the biggest constitutional double-cross ever perpetrated on the American public.

This network, which is well-versed in the technique of intimidation, employs noble words and phrases such as "freedom of speech," "unconstitutional," "academic freedom," "art," etc., as a coverup for pornography, placing a veneer of "respectability" on it in an attempt to make it more palatable for public consumption. Being cognizant of the fact that the average person shies away from being labeled the network uses such labels as "censors," "puritans," etc., to intimidate those decent-minded citizens who protest against obscenity and pornography. In using such tactics the network reveals its own moral bankruptcy.

Our forefathers would turn in their graves if they could see that the First Amendment is being used as a smokescreen for filth, vice and corruption. Being familiar with the historical fact that internal moral decay is capable of causing the collapse of a nation, it is inconceivable that they would advocate a freedom which would lead their own beloved country to a similiar fate.

They prefaced the Constitution with the preamble to make their intentions known...and therein lies the key to the ideals which prompted the writing of the Constitution. Yet this preamble is never mentioned.

There are steps which can be taken to combat this problem. We can press for the enforcement of existing obscenity laws (one is a federal law which prohibits the transportation of obscene material across state lines) by contacting public officials locally and on the state level. 


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