Diana Ronald-Szabo's Letters to the Editor

Enterprise Mountaineer, Waynesville, NC, Monday, Dec. 25, 2000

Your Views: Connecting with the universe

To the editor:

Ah, yes, Virginia, there is a God.

Years ago my husband and I took a cable car up to the top of a mountain (I believe it was somewhere in Colorado), where we wandered away from the crowd and crawled up on a ledge on our hands and knees (we were young and daring then).

My husband wanted to explore farther but I just wanted to rest. He wandered off and there I was completely alone, just a tiny little speck on the ledge of a huge mountain, looking down into the deep gorge far below and looking out across at the mountains, which extended far into the distance.

One has to be alone without any human contact (it breaks the connection) and completely open up one's mind to connect with the unity of the uiniverse. It was at once thrilling, awesome, and a little bit frightening. The thoughts kept flowing about how it all came about. How amazing that everything works in orderly-like fashion: the different seasons occurring at the same time each year; the sun rising and setting at approximately the same time each day; the gorgeous bright full moon coming up approximately at the same time each month after going through different phases; the brilliancy of the twinkling stars each night.

Then there are the mountains, the sky, the ocean, the wind, the rain, the snow, the grass, the flowers, the trees, the wildlife -- all performing their different functions.

We think about birth and how all the species perpetuate themselves through the life in a tiny seed. We think about how humans are made of a marvelous substance -- flesh -- which houses within its frame parts and organs which relate to and coordinate with the environment.

The air we need for our lungs is there, the food and water which we need for nourishment are there and the intellect we need for survival is there -- all magnificently falling into place. Somehow it doesn't make sense that so much work, so much planning, has gone into the making of a human being only to have it all end at physical death. No, there must be something more -- the extension of that inner self (which we call the "soul") into another realm.

Contemplating deeper, the thought comes that the universe, with all its magnificence, could not possibly have evolved all by itself. There had to be a beginning to start the process rolling.

Before beginning any project there has to be a plan. There has to be order for that plan to work. Judging how everything works in orderly-like fashion in the universe, there had to be a plan -- a master plan by a mastermind.

Ah, yes, Virginia, there is a God. Just as surely as the air you breathe but which you cannot see is there. Just as surely as the wind which you cannot see blows. Just as surely as night gives to day. Just as surely as we are born and then die.

Ah, yes, Virginia, there is a God -- indeed there is. Only a fool can say there is no God.

Diana Ronald-Szabo



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