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Enterprise Mountaineer, Waynesville, NC, March 27, 2000

Sex education destroys innocence

To the editor:

Billy Graham's remarks that the courts have taken God out of our schools and put in sex education brought back memories of a 1969 meeting with Mr. Graham in New York.

As chairman of the Greater New York Committee of Morality in Media (an organization working against pornography), I nominated Mr. Graham for our award for his contribution to truth, taste, inspiration and love, which was presented to him in Madison Square Garden.

Being concerned about the introduction of sex education, I handed him information on this program.

I rest my case on the premise that sex education does not belong in our schools. Let me explain. One of the most beautiful things about children is their innocence. They live in a lovely, enchanting world devoid of evil, distrust and deception. Their existence in this stage is of very short duration. They then enter into the adolescence stage which is the time when their young minds should be preoccupied with achieving academic skills and when they should be exploring the fascinating world around them. By pushing sex education in these stages we are thrusting them far too soon into the adult stage and aren't allowing them to live each stage to its fullest extent. Little Jon Benet and her tragic death comes to mind. Her misguided parents pushed her too quickly into the adult stage, destroying her innocence and robbing her of her childhood.

If we want to put sexuality in its proper perspective we need to aim at the mass media, which are presenting a distorted, perverted image of sexuality, sending children mixed messages.

The church, home and school were once united under one set of values. Over the years there has been a slow and steady erosion of those values, creating division, confusion and chaos.

I agree with Billy Graham that the Ten Commandments should be put in every classroom. Let's put God back in schools and let's throw out sex education!

Diana Ronald-Szabo



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