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Enterprise Mountaineer, Waynesville, NC, Fri., Oct. 20, 2000

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Women responsible for how they dress

To the editor:

In this "anything goes" era, how refreshing it was to read John P. Grasty's letter dealing with immodest dress. It takes a lot of courage for one so young to go against the polluted tide. May God help him to ride out the waves of ridicule and criticism coming his way.

Back in the ’60s, when I was on the lecture trail concerning our declining morality, the subject of immodest dress surfaced on many occasions. Some men and boys had the honesty to admit their vulnerability to provocatively dressed women.

On one occasion when I spoke to teenage boys and girls, a heated argument arose as girls blamed boys for taking liberties and boys blamed girls for tempting them with revealing attire. Seeing that the situation was getting out of hand, I put a stop to the discussion.

Women are paying more money for less material, prompted by an irresponsible fashion industry, causing the loss of their innate sense of modesty as they blindly follow the fashions. They set themselves up as bait before the public eye. When that bait is swallowed by some vulnerable males, they feel offended.

In the upbringing of their daughters some mothers are sadly neglecting the impact which their mode of dress has on the thoughts and behavior of males.

Women fail to recognize that they have a responsibility to other women to dress modestly because provocative dress can help to build up emotions to such an extent that any woman, even though modestly dressed, can become victimized by those built-up emotions.

In a New York bus a woman became annoyed as a man kept staring at her revealing outfit. "What are you looking at?" she said. "What are you showing?" he answered.

Because of the newspaper’s word limitation, the responsibility of men cannot be described in this space.

Diana Ronald-Szabo



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