Diana Ronald-Szabo's Letters to the Editor

The Mountaineer, Waynesville, NC, Mar. 10, 1989

Shattering the population myth

To the editor:

E. B. Griffin's letter (Feb. 24) reveals an unfounded fear of the "Population Explosion” myth. Such fabricated nonsense is used as a smokescreen for abortion, in an attempt to sway the uninformed toward acceptance of this dastardly deed.

However, this strategy will not work with those of us who believe in the entrenched religious values, which we are happy to admit "present the greatest obstacle to population control," as E. B. Griffin states.

God, in his infinite wisdom, created a world large enough to accommodate all of humanity, and there are acres and acres of uninhabited or sparsely settled lands which could be put to good use (in addition to those which are unsuitable).

Just as there are many births every day, so are there many deaths every day, balancing the numbers in each generation, leaving plenty of room for generations to come.

And let us not forget the millions of babies who have vacated this earth through abortion.

At the rate we are going there won't be enough people left to inhabit the earth. This really shatters the "Population Explosion" myth.

Diana Ronald-Szabo



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