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Asheville Citizen Times

Disney ignored protest

This is a tribute to the Southern Baptist Convention members for their courage and their backbone in standing for what is right, decent, and honorable despite strong opposition of the morally bankrupt.

We are in the middle of a war between good and evil, and it seems that evil has a stranglehold on the very soul of America, stunting its moral and spiritual growth.

Walt Disney, who produced delightful, enchanting and wholesome family fare, would turn in his grave if he could see how the family values he appealed to have been trampled upon, offending and humiliating the very audiences which kept him in business. He has been betrayed by those who have taken over his name.

Prior to the boycott these people were contacted about their deviation from the example Walt Disney set, but our protests were completely ignored; hence the reason for the full-scale boycott.

There is a grass-roots rebellion spreading across our country as more and more Americans are becoming fed up with the filth, vice and corruption being forced on us by the self-appointed guardians of immorality who hide under misinterpretation of the Constitution. Enough is enough!

Diana Ronald-Szabo, Canton


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