Diana Ronald-Szabo's Letters to the Editor

Moral Majority Report, Sept. 1983

Equality of Vices

Jane Peterson's letter in the July issue calling for a nationwide campaign to teach men moral responsibility and respect for women did not go far enough. We need a campaign aimed at the moral responsibility of women as well.

There is a saying, "As go the women, so goes the nation." As go the women of today, men cannot be expected to respect them when too many of them have lost their self-respect, their dignity, their sense of modesty and propriety, thus contributing to their own degradation.

Stand on any street corner and see the half-naked appearance of women. Notice the sad image of motherhood as some of them stroll by in scanty, unfeminine attire, cigarettes dangling from the sides of their mouths, smoke billowing from their nostrils…and pushing baby carriages. Witness the empty-headed exhibitionists as they parade on the beaches in brief, disgusting swimwear.

Listen in on snatches of public conversations and hear streams of profanity, vulgar and coarse language emanating from the lips of women and schoolgirls (and how about the mothers who swear and curse at their children?).

Take a look at the obscenities written by immature, filthy-minded schoolgirls in so-called "ladies" rooms. These are the future mothers of tomorrow! Tune in on talk shows on radio and television. Read the advice columns and women's magazines. Turn on TV commercials and programs. Witness the peddling of flesh via the beauty contests (private measurements are made public)...ads of models in undergarments...ads of personal and private matters.

Note the rising percentage of women engaging in pre-martial relations, living in sin, abortions and pornography. Note the popular trend of women posing for vile publications such as "Playboy" and Penthouse" which are trying to achieve a veneer of respectability.

All of this gives us a clear picture of how corrupt and immodest our women have become. What this is doing to the rest of us who deplore these trends will take another whole letter.

The ill-advised feminist movement, with its invasion of masculine fields, has forced all of us to lose something beautiful and tender. In the quest for equality we have had to, in a sense, step down to the level of men as we take on their vices. Are we really all that happy with this “equality?”

In the final analysis we must remember that in the eyes of God men and women are morally equal but not physically equal. The physical differences between us indicate that different roles are relegated to us in the course of life. That we are morally equal is proven by those famous guidelines which have been set before us. There are no double standards in the Ten Commandments. They will never be outdated because they were applied to the nature of man and woman and not to “the times.” The fact that we have veered away from them is the reason we are now facing a moral crisis.

Diana Ronald-Szabo

Pound Ridge, N.Y.


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