Diana Ronald-Szabo's Letters to the Editor

Enterprise Mountaineer, Waynesville, NC, Nov. 24, 2000

Both sexes must be morally responsible

To the editor:

William Stephens’ statement (Viewpoints, Oct. 30) that I don't believe that men have any responsibility concerning women is merely a figment of his imagination.

Having reached the Mountaineer's word limitation in my letter (Oct. 20) dealing with the responsibility of women to dress modestly, I wasn't able to explain the responsibility of men.

First of all, there are no double standards in the Ten Commandments, which apply to both men and women. So it's not "OK," Mr. Stephens, for men to give in to temptation and get away with it. It's not "OK" to exploit women for lustful and monetary gain as the pornographers (who are usually men) do. It's not "OK" for prostitutes to be arrested while the men who patronize them go scot-free. It's not "OK" to treat women as mere objects and not realize that they are not just bodies and faces but that they have deep inner feelings and a soul, that their looks can be disfigured by an illness, a sudden accident or old age. It's not "OK" to offend women by telling dirty jokes or making crude remarks.

I resent the constant dangling of the female form, in various stages of undress, before the public eye. I resent those empty-headed exhibitionists, women without modesty, who allow themselves to be exploited.

The responsibility, Mr. Stephens, lies with both men and women, both being morally equal. 

Diana Ronald-Szabo



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