Diana Ronald-Szabo's Letters to the Editor

Enterprise Mountaineer, Waynesville, NC, Fri., June 18, 1999

Justifiably disgusted with sleazy magazines

To the editor:

Hurray for P. Woodard's letter on June 7 in which she justifiably expresses disgust with the sleazy type of magazines found at many grocery stores’ checkout counters. Customers are a captive audience because they are forced to wait in line with the magazines at eye level. There is no escape.

Also offensive to me are the ads coming into the privacy of my home from outlets showing half-naked women and girls in their intimate underclothes. They are no different from those foul, insulting "girlie" magazines, and the fact that they are in the form of advertising doesn't lessen that offense in the least.

I strongly resent the constant dangling of the feminine form, in various stages of undress, as bait before the public eye, which triggers the imagination and emotions. Then when that bait attracts the wrong kind of attention, we are so surprised.

This constant appeal to the flesh everywhere around us feeds a most potent human force which can get out of control, and restraint can become virtually impossible.

Women ought to be outraged by this constant display of their bodies for lustful or monetary gain.

Unfortunately, too many women remain silent. Silence is not always golden; sometimes it’s just plain yellow, and by being yellow in this case we are giving the green light to more and more exploitation of women.

Striking at the pocketbook is the only language which is understood, and since women do most of the buying they can refuse, as P. Woodard has been doing, to do business with those who offend their sense of decency and invade their privacy.

This is a call to those women who are offended to wake up out of their "do nothing" attitude and let their voices be heard by taking a stand against this blatant attack on the dignity, the worth of women. 

Diana Ronald-Szabo



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