Diana Ronald-Szabo's Letters to the Editor

Asheville Citizen Times, Sat., March 18, 1989

More Flak For ACLU: Backtalk

Concerning the American Civil Liberties Union (representatives') response (March 4, Backtalk) to my letter, charging me with irresponsibility, I stand firmly behind every statement made.

Irresponsible statement No. 1 by the ACLU: "We know no more about why he (Ted Bundy) committed his crimes than we did before his execution." The fact is that Bundy admitted publicly that pornography did indeed instigate his crime spree. There is documented evidence that many murderers and rapists have made the same admission.

To suggest that Bundy made such a statement "with an eye to avoiding death" is irresponsible statement No. 2. Bundy was not stupid enough to believe that any statements he made would avoid his execution after he received the death sentence.

Irresponsible statement No. 3 is that the ACLU "does not encourage citizens to believe that the First Amendment protects pornography." How often has the public heard the First Amendment mentioned in defense of pornography? Who has, for many years, drummed into the American psyche effective phrases such as "Freedom of Speech" and all the other noble-sounding words and phrases (mentioned in my letter), as a smokescreen for pornography, if not the ACLU and its cohorts?

Pornographers could not survive in this country without the help of the ACLU attorneys who consistently submit Amicus Curiae briefs in their defense.

Irresponsible statement No. 4: "The ACLU supports the Constitution of the U.S.A." Nonsense! What it does support is its misinterpretation – and it ignores the intention of our forefathers, as set forth in the Preamble. While the First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech, the Preamble indicates that destructive speech and behavior (which is pornography) was not the intention of our forefathers. Freedom without responsibility could not help to form a more perfect union, promote the general welfare or insure domestic tranquility.

It would seem, gentlemen, that the irresponsibility lies within the ACLU camp. 

Diana Ronald-Szabo



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