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Enterprise Mountaineer, Waynesville, NC

This Nation needs a spiritual revolution

To the editor:

Juvenile delinquency is a product of adult delinquency. How so? Well, let's do a little probing here.

Some years ago an arresting police officer said to a group of hoodlums, "You kids are making a mess of this world," whereupon one youngster made a statement which bears serious thinking. He said, "That's the way we found it." Yes, that's the way they found it -- because that's the way adults left it.

So-called adult experts advocated a permissive policy in the rearing of children. Parents were told that children should "express" themselves, otherwise they would be "suppressed" and "frustrated." As a result today we have too many uninhibited monsters unable to control themselves because they've never been taught how.

Then we expose them to questionable books, magazines, plays, indecent fashions, perversion, movies, TV programs, sex-oriented advertising and pornography -- all created by adults.

We expose them to the hypocrisy of adults who, with the same tongue which they use to pray, use it to swear, curse, use crude, foul language and tell dirty jokes.

We expose them to unmarried adults who live together in sin (oops? pardon the taboo word -- sin), in defiance of God's marriage bond; and we've got these youngsters sitting on a keg of dynamite which is exploding in all directions, as they fall in the footsteps of adults. They're expressing themselves.

But the picture is not all that bleak, for rising out of this pit of moral degradation are young people who see the error of adult ways and are trying to make this a morally better world.

Take, for instance, the young people who are calling for abstinence before marriage; the young people who are calling for an end to the murder of preborn babies, more politely referrred to as abortion, and the young women in Arizona calling for modest fashions.

Take those young people who meet at the school flagpoles for prayer, showing their belief in God; the Boy Scouts of America, who depite strong opposition remain strong and faithful as they stand up for God's moral laws; the Youth for Christ and so many other organizations.

What is needed in this country is a moral and spiritual revolution, and these wonderful young people may help the ball to roll in that direction.

Diana Ronald-Szabo, Canton


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