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How to get your letters printed…

You can teach, influence and inspire people through Letters to the Editor. Here's how to write them, with examples of letters printed in daily newspapers.

Have you ever found something so valuable, or believed in something so much, that you wanted to tell the whole world about it? Or, have you ever seen a lie printed that you wanted to expose by telling the true story?

There’s a way you can tell the world what you’ve learned and what you love, and it’s fast, cheap, effective – and free: Write letters to the editor.

When newspapers, magazines or Web sites publish your letters to the editor, they’re spreading your message to hundreds of thousands of people. You can reach a huge audience -- and it costs you nothing!

Get your letter published and people will definitely see your letters; the most-read parts of a newspaper are the front page, the sports page and the letters to the editor.

Tips to getting your letter printed!

There are a few things about letter-writing that will greatly increase your chances of getting your letters printed. Here are some secrets that will help you write winning letters to the editor:

  1. Follow the format guidelines the publication uses for Letters to the Editor.
  2. Write your own suggested headline.
  3. Write on just one subject per letter. It helps to reference a current event, a story or another letter to the editor with the date it was recently printed.
  4. Start with a topic sentence that is to the point.
  5. Be concise, not wordy. Usually not more than 250 words.
  6. Use short sentences and short paragraphs.
  7. Use plain language, not fancy multi-syllable words.
  8. Make sure your spelling and grammar are correct.
  9. Make clear, strong points and never sound apologetic.
  10. Back up your points with facts and quotes from experts or witnesses.
  11. Don’t name-call.
  12. Appeal to people’s better nature.
  13. Don’t use irony or sarcasm; people will take you seriously.
  14. For your conclusion, give a brief action plan. Suggest how to improve or make the situation better.
  15. Conclude with your name (and title) as you want it to appear, and include your address and daytime phone number so the editor can verify that you are the true author of your letter.
  16. Above all, say a prayer for guidance before you start writing.
  17. Call the editor within a day or so to confirm your letter was received. You may need to re-send it. Ask if your letter has a chance of being printed. In a friendly way, try to persuade the editor that the points made in your letter are pertinent to the discussion -- and valuable to the community and the readers of the paper, magazine or Web site. Don’t argue. Be professional and persuasive.
  18. Don't wait, nobody else will write your letter. Write and send in a Letter to the Editor today!
  19. Send us letters that you get printed. We'll consider printing it, too!

Once your letters to the editor are published, thousands of people will have the benefit of learning from your views. Not only that, your letters will encourage others who feel as you do. Your letters will make many readers glad to know they’re not alone. They'll also inspire people to write their own letters. Your letters to the editor may even make you some new friends and allies in your community.

And that’s not all. Your pro-life letters to the editor can literally save lives and souls. A mom who’s planning to abort her baby could see your letter and have a change of heart. It has happened before. Moms have even said they decided to let their babies be born after seeing pro-life bumper stickers and simple envelope stickers!

So remember, the letters you can write will have tremendous power for good. Why not give it a try today?

Diana Ronald-Szabo's Letters to the Editor:

Want to see examples of successful letters to the editor? Mrs. Diana Ronald-Szabo, a good friend of LoveMatters.com, has gotten newspapers to publish her letters for many years. Ever since she was the New York Archdiocesan chairwoman of Women for Decency with Catholic Daughters of America, Mrs. Ronald-Szabo has used her letters to the editor to urge Americans to take responsibility for personal and public decency and to oppose those who attack Christian values and the U.S. Constitution.

We’re reprinting some of Mrs. Ronald-Szabo’s letters here for you. When you read them, you’ll see why editors found them good enough to print.

You’ll also see that many of today’s moral, social and cultural problems aren’t exactly new. They had their start many years ago – and just like today, most people ignored them and let them get worse and worse. Most, that is, except people like Mrs. Diana Ronald-Szabo – and YOU, if, like her, you want to tell the world what’s on your mind and in your heart. To see a letter, just click on the link.

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