is our new 28-page newspaper designed to help teens and college students find true love, save sex for marriage and choose life rather than abortion.

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    If you want to experience true love, a great relationship and a lasting marriage, can help you. If you're looking for answers to tough questions about dating, sex, love and life, is the place to start.

    In addition to this web site, we've published a new, eye-opening 28-page newspaper for teens and college students that's getting rave reviews. Please read on and consider ordering copies to give to friends, relatives, children, neighbors and young men and women at churches and schools in your community.

    If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can view all 28 pages in full-color by clicking on the PDF version.

    Featuring peers, experts, and celebrities, the newspaper encourages readers to save sex for marriage. It also includes a special 12-page section on abortion that helps readers understand the sanctity of life and the pain, suffering and death caused by abortion.

Distributors and donors urgently needed...

    With your help, we can put millions of these newspapers into the hands of teenagers and college students across America! Please call 1-800-858-3040 and join our distribution team today -- or please consider sending a tax-deductible donation to the address below so we can save teenagers from the painful and devastating consequences of pre-marital sex and abortion.

    Everyday, more and more youth are harmed by exposure to trash media and our sex-crazed culture. Abortion, pre-marital sex, pornography, infidelity and STDs are out of control!

    The "sexual revolution" rages on. One clear sign is America's Abortion Holocaust. Abortions kill approximately 1.5 million babies each year and America's abortionists have killed over 40 million babies since the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. Abortion has also ravaged the lives of millions of women (and men) who now suffer from post-abortion trauma.

    Other signs of the "sexual revolution" include skyrocketing divorce rates and an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases which now infect 1 of every 5 Americans.

    How can we turn this sexual crisis around? True love is the answer. Generous, disciplined, selfless love is the only way to find lasting peace and happiness. We must love our neighbors as ourselves. We must teach our children to love by example. We must encourage our media and our culture to stop portraying people as sex objects.

Celebrities Promoting Chastity & Exposing Abortion

    The newspaper includes pro-life statements and chastity messages from Grammy winner - Rebecca St. James, Supermodel - Kim Alexis, Mel Gibson, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Laker star - A.C. Green, Dodger great - Brett Butler, Extreme Snowboarder - Dave Downing, Miss Oklahoma 2000, Miss Black California and more.

    On Abortion - The newspaper includes a 12-page section on fetal development with excellent photos of preborn babies in the womb, followed by powerful statements from 14 women who regret their abortions. There are also many specific cases shown of women who were either injured or killed by abortion. Also included are statements from former abortionists Carol Everett, Dr. Levatino, Dr. Brewer and more.

(It's exciting to think this information is ready to be put into the hands of students on campuses across America!)

    The newspaper is printed in a tabloid format (11" x 15") and it will be distributed to millions of high school and college students across the country by hand delivery or as paid inserts in college newspapers. can also be distributed through churches, Christian newspaper inserts, door-to-door literature drops and crisis pregnancy centers.

    The powerful testimonies, quotes, facts and photos in are presented with a contemporary graphic layout (it looks like a cross between PEOPLE and SEVENTEEN magazine) to help encourage readers to:

  • Save sex for marriage.
  • Choose life, not abortion.
  • Be forewarned about contraceptive dangers.
  • Make virtuous decisions that lead to happiness.

Distributing 3 million copies a year . . .

    Our goal is to distribute 3 million copies of the new pro-life supplement this year -- and each year thereafter. Many lives and souls will be saved through this educational supplement. Many who read this newpaper will be converted -- and still others will be inspired to become great moral and civic leaders. Without a doubt, many, many babies will be born that would have otherswise been aborted.

    Would you like to help with this life-saving project? There are three ways you can help:

1) Prayer. Please begin right now by adding our efforts to your prayer list. We need your prayers for this project. With God's blessing, our efforts are sure to be successful.

2) Distribution. Would you like to help physically distribute these newspapers? A) Please contact us if you are a youth leader, a pro-life leader, a chastity/abstinence leader, a pastor, a parent or a teacher who can help distribute these newspapers in the churches and schools in your community. B) If you're a high school or college student and you'd like to help us distribute newspapers on your campus, please contact us. C) We're also looking for people who will help organize efforts to distribute the newspapers door to door in neighborhoods.

Please contact us if you can help distribute newspapers in any of these ways.

3) Financial Support. You can also help us save moms and babies from abortion and help us fight promiscuous sexual behavior by sending in a donation today. Your tax-deductible donation will help us distribute millions of these pro-life newspapers to students and families across the country. Can you imagine students everywhere reading the material contained within this web site? The newspaper text is very similiar to what you're reading here on our web site. Isn't it exciting to think of the positive impact this newspaper will have? It will save many, many lives and souls. But to accomplish this goal, we need your help.

College women desparately need our newspaper!

    College campuses are one of the most important places we need to distribute our newspapers. Why? Because college-age-women have more abortions than any other age group. Plus, a Gallup Poll showed that many women go through a tragic transformation and become "pro-choice" during their college years.

Here's are results of the 1996 Gallup Poll on abortion:

1) The poll suggests that while attendance at college has little influence on men's attitudes about abortion, for women, the college experience is a major - even revolutionary - influence.

2) Regardless of their education levels, just over half of men are pro-choice, while about a third are pro-life.

3) Women of different education levels, however, express considerably different views about abortion. Women with a high school education are more pro-life (47 percent) than pro-choice (37 percent) while those who have attended college but not completed a four-year program are more pro-choice (59 percent) than pro-life (35 percent) - an increase in the pro-choice group of 22 points. The margin of pro-choice over pro-life responses is even greater among women who have completed a four-year college program - 73 percent (pro-choice) to 24 percent (pro-life).

    While abortion advocates may interpret these statistics as documentation that pro-lifers are "uneducated," woman who've experienced the college environment know there are powerful pro-abortion forces at work. Deceptive pro-abortion propoganda is poisoning innocent minds and destroying maternal instincts on college campuses.

    This Gallup Poll clearly demonstrates the urgent need for our newspaper on college campuses.

Let's saturate college campuses!

Can you help us put this life-saving newspaper into college students' hands?

    Donations are urgently needed to print and distribute copies of to teenagers and college students. (Donations are tax-deductible.)

    With your help, we can pay to put our pro-life/chastity newspaper onto college campuses as a "paid adverstising insert" in college newspapers. That's right - hundreds of college newspapers will accept our pro-life, pro-chastity newspaper because of the advertising revenue it will bring them as an "insert." And that allows us to reach students right on campuses at relatively inexpensive rates.

    On average, it only costs about 35 cents to put a copy of into each student's hands. That covers the cost of printing all 28 pages in full color, shipping them to the school newspaper, the insertion advertising fee and our coordination costs. Isn't that a small price to pay for a comprehensive pro-life/chastity education when you think of all the lives and souls that will be saved?

    Imagine for a minute that you've joined our efforts...that you've contributed and helped us pay to insert onto a college campus like UCLA. That means you would have helped us put a copy of into the hands of every UCLA student who picks up UCLA's "Daily Bruin" newspaper on the day of our insert. The UCLA "Daily Bruin" has a circulation of 18,000 so that means we would have reached 18,000 students with on that day!

    It's exciting to think about students reading It may be the first time they're exposed to the truth about abortion and pre-marital sex - and they'll be hearing from celebrities, sports stars, singers and peers to boot!

    Students will also discover hundreds of the best pro-life/chastity Web sites through our publication and our Web site referrals. Many, many lives will be saved from the deadly grip of America's sex culture and the abortion industry.

    Our goal is to raise $1 million so we can distribute 3 million copies of the newspaper to students this year.

    Would you like to be part of the newspaper campaign? Would you like to help us saturate campuses like UCLA, Harvard, Rutgers, Duke, Ohio State, Cornell, Michigan State, Boston College and hundreds more across America? I hope so. . . and I hope you'll join me today.

    Donations are urgently needed to help save teenagers from the painful consequences of pre-marital sex and abortion.

    You can make a difference! Please don't wait until tomorrow to send a donation. Please send a generous gift today so we'll know how many copies we can plan to print and distribute to students this year. And if you send a donation of $35 or more, I'll rush you a copy of the newspaper supplement.

    Gifts of $50, $100, $250, $500 and $1,000 are urgently needed to reach our goal of distributing 1 million copies this year. Here's what you can accomplish with your gift. A gift of $1,000 will enable us to reach 2,857 students with our 28-page publication; $500 will reach 1,428 students; $250 will reach 714 students; $100 will reach 285 students; $75 will reach 214 students; $50 will reach 142 students; and $35 will reach 100 students.

    Your alma mater...

    Would you like to see your alma mater blanketed with Imagine the good it would do if every student at your alma mater were handed a copy of

    Not only would it save moms and babies from abortion, but it would also save young people from suicide (a study by Dr. Clayton Barbeau showed that premarital sex is a major cause of teen self-hatred)... save girls from abortion-caused breast cancer... save girls from becoming sterile through VD or abortion... influence thousands of professors and administrators (they'll pick up copies, too)... lead many kids to become pro-life activists... persuade pre-med and pre-nursing students to shun abortion... lead students to Christ... and much more.

   Could you send a gift of $2,500, $5,000, or even $10,000 to help us saturate your alma mater? Sacrificial gifts like this will be a great blessing. If you can send a gift like this, please let us hear from you right away.

    And if you've been especially blessed financially, maybe you'd like to help put into the hands of 100,000 students this fall. It will take approximately $35,000 to cover the costs of saturating 7 to 10 campuses with a total of 100,000 copies of

   Could you make a heroic sacrifice of $35,000 to reach 100,000 students? Many, many lives and souls will be touched and saved through a large distribution effort like this! If you would like to saturate several campuses, please call me (J.T. Finn) at 310-373-0743 for all the details. is published by Pro-Life America, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and your donation is tax-deductible.

    Please send your gift today so we can tell our printer to roll the presses... we want to send a million copies to college students this fall.

    Please make your check payable to Pro-Life America and mail it to:

         Pro-Life America
         Attn: LoveMatters Student Project
         1840 South Elena Ave., Suite 103
         Redondo Beach, CA 90277

    Thank you and God bless you!

    Sincerely in Christ,

    J.T. Finn

    Director, Pro-Life America

P.S. Fr. Frank Pavone, the National Director of Priests for Life, has joined Pro-Life America's efforts and he had this to say about

"I'm so impressed with that I agreed to serve as National Advisor to its creator and publisher, Pro-Life America, an effective group that I've known and respected for years. I wish you were in my office with me right now, dear friend, so I could show you this exciting new publication! First, I guarantee you'll be impressed by the publication's 'eye appeal.' Nothing like this has ever been created before. It looks as professional as the magazines at the checkout counter in student bookstores, but without the sleazy, provocative pictures."

Father Pavone continues:

"As a Catholic priest, I can't tolerate Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion, radical feminists brainwashing so many college students and killing so many unborn children. That's why I have such a sense of urgency about this exciting new project. Please send your tax-deductible gift immediately! Making a generous gift will give you the deep satisfaction of knowing you did your part. Please don't put it off. Please do it now. Thank you and may God reward you richly!"

P.P.S. If you have questions about Pro-Life America or, please call me at my office in Redondo Beach, California. The number is: (310) 373-0743

Celebrities in

Kathy Ireland - Supermodel Kathy Ireland, says, "I was once "pro-choice." She became pro-life as a result of reading her physician husband's books on biology and medicine.

A.C. Green - Former basketball star with the world champion L.A. Lakers, says he's "proud to be a virgin." Many young men are inspired by A.C.'s commitment to chastity.

Kim Alexis - Supermodel Kim Alexis lives in Florida with her husband and five children. She explains why abortion and sex outside of marriage are just plain wrong.

Rebecca St. James - Grammy Award winning singer Rebecca St. James urges young people to practice self-control, not birth control.

Mel Gibson - Actor Mel Gibson says, "God is the only One who knows how many children we should have, and we should be ready to accept them. One can't decide for oneself who comes into this world and who doesn't. That decision doesn't belong to us."

What students are saying:

"The celebrities, the role models and the statistics make me want to save sex for marriage."
-- Bill, 20

"I was surprised about A.C. Green. You know he's a basketball star and has women throwing themselves at him and he's still managing to fight all those temptations. He faces so much more temptation than I do and if he can do it, then of course I can do it."
-- Michael, 19

"I liked the sexy fashions article (encouraging modesty). I think a lot of girls at our church should read that."
-- Gina, 18

"These are points that kids need to be reminded about over and over and over again. If this paper can reach one person and make a difference in their life, it's worth it."
-- Heather, 20

"A lot of women get abortions because they feel the baby is not a person, but when you see the pictures you realize you have a life in you…I don't know how you could make this better."
-- Katrina, 18

What experts are saying:

"This publication will work miracles in young peoples' lives. Every college student
needs a copy of"
-- Nora O'Callaghan, Director, Respect Life Office, Archdiocese of Chicago

" is absolutely awesome -- well-written and very comprehensive -- a masterpiece!"
-- Barbara McGuigan, world-renowned chastity educator

"I'm so impressed with that I agreed to serve as National Advisor to its creator and publisher, Pro-Life America, an effective group that I've known and respected for years. I wish you were in my office with me right now, dear friend, so I could show you this exciting new publication!"
-- Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

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