One Couple’s Heart-Wrenching Story

    Margaret and Kurt Birky had been dating in college for about three months when Margaret became pregnant. They decided to have an abortion, and for $300 their “problem” was removed. Soon after, Kurt made a life-changing decision to give his life to Jesus and remained abstinent for the next three years until he married Margaret.

    Kurt says, “On the day Margaret and I approached the ‘Planned Parenthood’ (where more than 95 percent of their ‘family planning’ involves abortions), there was no one to tell us that Margaret could be permanently damaged from the ‘procedure’ or that the fetus inside her had a beating heart and could feel pain. There was only a receptionist who said, ‘Make that payable to Planned Parenthood.’ And so I paid a man $300 to tear my unseen child from this world. The blood of this sin is on our hands.”

    Margaret says, “After the abortion I was obsessed with how old my child would be, what he looked like, whether he forgave me. I had hatred for myself for being weak. . . anger at my boyfriend for not being the white knight. I wish he would have said, ‘It’s all gonna be o.k., I love you, I will love this baby, together we’ll make it work.’ I cried hysterically many times and my arms would ache terribly from agonizing to hold that child. I’d hug a teddy bear just to have something there.”

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