Youíre Priceless
You were born with dignity and worth that no one can take from you.

Not even you can take it from yourself!

You are a precious and unique gift.

There has never been nor will there ever be anyone exactly like you.

Life does have meaning and it is your task and challenge to discover it.

You have an irreplaceable contribution to make to your family and society

that no one can make for you; your life can make a difference if you let it.

Donít let concerns about physical attractiveness, intelligence, money or the

growth and changes you are going through get you down.

The key to overcoming the ups and downs of these feelings is to be

yourself and not pretend or strive to be someone else.

Grammy Winner Rebecca St. James says "True Love Waits"

Kathy Ireland says
''I used to
be pro-choice.''

Miss Black California, Lakita Garth. Read her powerful speech to Congress. She asked Congress to help teens save sex for marriage.

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