“Prove You Love Me ”

Self-respect feels good

    As two people grow in love, it’s natural to want to express that love physically.

    Hundreds of thousands of men and women are committed to saving sex for marriage, but challenges can be very difficult if the boy or girl pressures the other to “prove” their love. One panicky girl wrote: “I’m 19 and am going with a guy who’s the same age. I’m in another country right now and the distance has brought us closer. He says that he loves me, and I love him, too. In one of his letters he wrote, ‘I believe that you can write ‘I love you,’ but what I’d like to see is proof of it when you get back.’”

    This guy used the oldest line in the book: “Prove your love by going to bed with me.” And she was scared to death! Why? Because she didn’t want to lose his love. She was terrified of his demand, but she couldn’t imagine how she’d survive if he didn’t like her response.

    She needs self-respect – enough so she’ll demand respect from others. She needs enough confidence to gladly tell such a guy to get lost. What makes him so wonderful that she should have to “prove her love” to him? Let him prove his love by showing respect to her.

    There’s no store where you can buy self-respect. You can’t order it from a catalog. No magic formula will give it to you. You give it to yourself. You do that because you know you deserve it, because God made you and loves you and intends to give you more goodness than you can handle!
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