How Much Do You Know About Abortion?

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Abortion is legal through what month of pregnancy?
a) third b) sixth c) ninth

Since abortion was legalized in 1973, how many U.S. babies’ lives have been lost?
a) 12 million b) 24 million c) 38 million

Abortion is the leading cause of death in the U.S., causing what percent of total deaths?
a) 35 percent b) 46 percent c) 52 percent

What age group of women has the greatest number of abortions?
a) 15-19 b) 20-24 c) 25-29

Women who abort their first child stand how much greater risk of developing breast cancer?
a) 3x b) 2x c) 4x

One out of how many preborn babies is killed by abortion?
a) two b) three c) four

What percent of women who have had abortions experience suicidal tendencies?
a) 45 percent b) 56 percent c) 62 percent

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1-C;  2-C;  3-B;  4-B;  5-B;  6-C;  7-B

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