World Youth Day Music
Here are websites of some of the singers and bands invited to perform at World Youth Day - 2002 in Toronto.

4x7 Rep. Dominicana
Aaron Thompson USA;
Afro Gospel Chor - Paderborn Germany
Alas del Alma Argentina
Alfa y Omega Latin America/ CAN
Alonso Sanabria Costa Rica
Angelica Di Castro CAN
Scarecrow & Tinmen USA
Seamus Byrne- Manach Ireland
Sean Forrest USA;
Semilla Musical Colombia
Sheep CAN
Sheldon Casavant CAN
Anthony DeBlois USA
Band Dornbusch Germany
BDKJ München und Freising Germany
Bernie Choiniere USA
Boston Liturgical Dance Ensemble USA
Brianna Dyer USA
Bruce Deaton USA
Capstone CAN
Ceili Rain USA
Celebrant Singers USA
Chóir Akademicki Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza Poznaniu Poland
Circle of Friends CAN
Comunidade Católica Shalom Brasil
Conjunto Danzante de Tijeras - Ayacucho Peru/Canada
Crispin USA
Cristina Plancher Italy
Critical Mass John 6:35,51 CAN
Dana Ireland/USA
DanceOremusDanse Canada
Daughters of St. Paul USA
David A. Vogel USA
David MacDonald CAN
Denis Grady CAN
Dom Dominique Minier / Splendor Canada
Don Mimmo Iervolino Italy
Duc in Altum Peru
Emmanuel Community Italy
Encounter Australia
Equilibrio Precario Company Chile
Eric J Sova Ministry USA
Erin Berghouse USA
Fr. Stan Fortuna USA
Francesca Ancarola Chile
Gospel Rain Poland
Greg Magirescu CAN
Greg Walton USA
Gretchen Harris USA
Grupo Rukanas Canada
Hermana Glenda Spain
Heruvymy Ukrainian Female Quartet CAN
Hope Music School Italy
In Ipsa CAN
Irenne Coronado Guatemala
Janelle Reinhart + One 80 CAN
Jerusalem Sweden
Jésed Mexico ; HTTP://
Jeunes des Sources France
John Michael Talbot USA; HTTP://
Jordan Zed CAN
Kelita CAN
Kelly Pease USA
Kool Matope RD du Congo
Leahy CAN
Lechowia Polish Canadian Folk Dance Co CAN
Lynn Cooper USA
Madonna House CAN
Magda Aniol Poland
Mark Mallet CAN
Mark Masri CAN
Marlene O'Neill CAN
Martin Valverde Mexico
Matt Maher CAN
Nana Angarita Colombia
Nick Alexander USA
Nunavut Performers CAN
Padre Zeca Brazil
Pinstripe Project Canada
Rebeka Lithuania
Remnant USA
Renée Bondi USA
Robert Ekonomou USA
Roberto Bignoli Italy
Sal Solo USA
Sara Torres USA
Sarah Hart USA
Saruel Poland
Spirit in Motion CAN
St. Luke Productions,Inc. USA ;
Starfield CAN
Steve Angrisano USA
Susan Bailey USA
Takillakta Peru
Teatro Renacer de RCC Guatemala Guatemala
Teri Vissani CAN
The Rex Band India
Tim Balfe England
Tom Booth USA
Tomek Kaminski POLAND
Tony Melendez USA
TrypTych Productions/ Magnifichant CAN
Unis-Sons de fondacio - Chrétiens pour le monde France
Vince Nims USA
Who do you say I am USA
Ziza Fernandes Brazil;

Grammy Winner Rebecca St. James says "True Love Waits"

Kathy Ireland says
''I used to
be pro-choice.''

Miss Black California, Lakita Garth. Read her powerful speech to Congress. She asked Congress to help teens save sex for marriage.

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