Young Men and Women
Talk About Why They Are
Saving Sex for Marriage

“Many girls who are having pre-marital sex are looking for love in the wrong places. The best reasons for saving sex for marriage are to keep yourself pure for your husband and to live your life away from that sin.”
– MARISOL GARCIA, 16, Wilmington, California
“I’m saving sex for marriage because I want my virginity to be a gift to my future wife. If a friend was afraid of losing her boyfriend because she wanted to say ‘No ’ to sex, I  would tell her to let the boy go.If he truly loves her,he won ’t make her do anything she ’s not comfortable with.”
– JOSHUA HAMILTON, 20, Mount Juliet, Tennessee
“My virginity is the one gift that I have never given anyone, and on my honeymoon night
I can give my gift to the one person I will be with forever. I avoid pressures to have sex
by dating a Godly woman who does a wonderful job of not tempting me. We also stay out of environments in which it would be difficult to stay controlled.”
“I know it’s true love when I care more about someone else’s happiness than my own. I avoid pressures to have sex by not even getting close to it. My boyfriend and I have
decided to respect each other’s bodies. As long as private parts remain private, it’s easier to avoid sex until you’re married.I do not wear revealing clothes because it encourages guys to lust. (Face the facts, girls!) I also like knowing that my husband is the only man who’ll see so much of my body.”
– RACHEL SHEPARD, 17 Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
“I don’t want to share the physical intimacy of sex with anyone other than my husband primarily because without the spiritual intimacy one cannot experience the fullness or joy  of sex. In other words, premarital sex is cheating and it robs you of self-respect. I avoid pressures to have sex by dating guys of like mind and beliefs. That means guys who don’t
just ‘understand’ your beliefs but who accept and profess them.”
– KATHARINE BYRNE, 21 Dublin, Irelan
“Think twice before giving away that special gift meant for your spouse.I ’m a virgin and I’ve found that not having sex is one of the smartest things I ’ve done in life.When you
prove to yourself that you can control one of the greatest feelings on earth within you, you’ll find that all other tasks in life become easier ”
– EDDIE REAY, 20, Newbury Park, California

Seventeen Magazine's
Sex Survey

After a surprising sex survey, Seventeen magazine revealed that 71 percent of teens who’ve had sex wish they had waited.

Seventeen magazine called 500 girls and 500 guys across the nation for an interview about sex. They asked 13 to 21-year olds, “Have you had sex?” And if so, “Do you wish you had waited until you were older?”

It was reported that 65% of the girls and 63% of the boys (ages 15 to 21) had sex at least once. Most who had sex wish they had waited.

81 percent of girls wish they had waited.

61 percent of boys wish they had waited.

Virginia, 15, one of those interviewed, says she’s waiting to have sex:

“I’m usually independent, like if some guy tries to tell me what to do or pressures me, I’m like, ‘I don’t think so.’ I want to have love, not sex, and there’s a big difference.”

Source: Seventeen Magazine, May, 1996

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